Can a Christian Have a Down Day? : Common Sense Musing of a Christian

Can a Christian Have a Down Day?

by Latashia Satterfield-Ogunlana on 06/03/13

Can’t we just be real and speak on how we feel today.  Do I always have to be happy in the Lord or should my fellow Christian be able to sense my spirit and pray for me not prey on me.  Can I just have one Christian acknowledge that there are days when they want to just be still and quiet and know that I am God?  Can I not smile and be happy all the time? Can my sister or brother in Christ act like we are family and pray for me.  Not ask what’s wrong to gossip about my pain but to truly pray for my change or to even assist me in my time of need.  Can I get some help down here from my fellow Christians?  Can a true earthly God fearing friend arise?  Can the Lord be personified in the presence of those Christians whom I fellowship with?  Can the Lords presence be ushered into  my life on the day that I need a personal earthly reminder that God is in the place and ever-present in my life?  Can we stop talking Christianity but walk and live Christianity?